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Events Archive

Inside are forums related to previous events that were celebrated. Each event will be archived here after the events pass by and brought back again during the anniversary.


  1. Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)

    MUHAMMAD S.a.w In Mecca, a baby boy named Muhammad was born on 17th Rabi' al-Awwal, 570 AD. His father 'Abdullah, son of 'Abd al-Muttalib, died before he was born and when he was six, he lost his loving mother Aminah bint Wahab. His Grandfather, 'Abd al-Muttalib, took the responsibility of bringing up the orphan. At the age of ten, he was berefted of his venerable grandfather. On his deathbed, he appointed his son Abu Talib as the guardian of Muhammad. As a gentle, soft spoken, tall and handsome boy, Muhammad, accompanied the trading caravans of Abu Talib, across the deserts, giving him deep insight into nature and man.

  2. Khadija-tul-Kubra (SA)

    Janabe Khadija(sa) is a perfect role model for all the Muslims all over the world. The sacrifices made by her and her contributions for spreading Islam are innumerable. Her famous title was Malikat-ul-Arab. The biggest virtue of Janabe Khadija(sa) is that Allah(swt) acknowledged her sacrifices and revealed the following ayat for he when She(sa) have all the wealth to Holy Prophet(saww)

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  3. Hazrat Abu Talib (AS)

    Abu Talib ibn 'Abd al-Muṭṭalib (a.s.) was the leader of the Banu Hāshim clan of the Quraysh tribe of Mecca in Arabia. He was married to Faṭimah bint Asad (s.a.) and was an uncle of the Islamic prophet Muḥammad (pbuh).

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  4. Hazrat Imam Ali (AS)

    The Commander of the Faithful Ali son of Abu Talib the first of the Imams of the believers, the truthful one and the trusted one, blessings on him and his pure family, he was the brother of the Apostle of God and his paternal cousin, and his helper (wazir) in his affair, his son-in- law (being married) to his daughter, Fatima the chaste, mistress of the women of the universe. He was the Lord of the testamentary trustees of authority (wasiyyin), the best of blessing and peace be on him.

  5. Sayyida Fatima (SA)

    Fatimah S.a the only daughter of the Holy Prophet of Islam, was born in Mecca on 20th jumada 'th-thaniyah 18 B.H. The good and noble lady Khadijah and the Apostle Of Allah bestowed all their natural love, care and devotion on their lovable and only child Fatimah S.a

  6. Imam Hassan (AS)

    The Son of the Prophet Imam Hasan Mujtaba upon whom be peace was the second Imam. He and his brother Imam Husayn were the two sons of Amir al-mu'minin Ali and Hazrat Fatimah, the daughter of the Prophet. Many times the Prophet had said, "Hasan and Husayn are my children".

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  7. Imam Hussain (AS)

    IN THE house of the Holy Prophet, which presented the best image of both the worlds - the heaven and the earth - a child who benefited humanity as if he was Divine Impression reflecting the earth, was bron on one of the nights of the month of Shaban. His father was Imam Ali, the best model of kindness towards his friends and the bravest against the enemies of Islam, and his mother was Hazrat Fatimah, the only daughter and child of the Holy prophet who had as universally acknowledged, inherited the qualities of her father.

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  8. Imam Sajjad (AS)

    Imam Sajjad ( Ali ibn Husayn entitled Zayn al-abidin and Sajjad ) was the son of the third Imam , and his wife , the queen among women , the daughter of Yazdigird the king of Iran . He was the only son of Imam Husayn to survive, for his other three brothers Ali Akbar , aged twenty-five , five year old Ja'far and Ali Asghar ( or Abdullah ) who was a suckling baby , were martyred during the event of Karbala . The Imam had also accompanied his father on the journey that terminated fatally in Karbala, but because of severe illness and the inability to carry arms or participate in fighting he was prevented from taking part in the holy war and being martyred . So he was sent with the womenfolk to Damascus . After spending a period in imprisonment he was sent with honor to Medina because Yazid wanted to conciliate public opinion . But for a second time , by the order of the Umayyad caliph , Abd al-Malik , he was chained and sent from Medina to Damascus and then again returned to Medina.

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  9. Imam al-Baqir (A.S)

    THE HOLY Imam Muhammad al-Baqir is the Fifth Apostolic Imam. His epithet was Abu Ja`far and he was popularly titled "al-Baqir''. His mother was the daughter of Imam Hasan. Thus, he was the only Imam who was connected with Hadrat Fatimatu 'z-Zahra', both from his paternal and maternal sides. Imam Muhammad al-Baqir was brought up in the holy lop of his grandfather Imam Husayn, for three years. For thity-four years he was under the gracious patronage of his father, `Ali Zaynu 'l-`Abidin.

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  10. Imam Sadiq (AS)

    Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad, the son of the fifth Imam, was born in 83/702. He died in 148/765 according to Shi'ite tradition, poisoned and martyred through the intrigue of the Abbasid caliph Mansur. After the death of his father he beacame Imam by Divine command and decree of those who came before him.

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  11. Imam Kazim (AS)

    Hazrat Imam Musa al-Kazim is the Seveth Apostolic Imam. His epithet was Abu 'l-Hasan and his famous title was al-Kazim. His matchless devotion and worship of God has also earned him the title of "Abdu 's-Salih'' (virtuous slave of God). Generosity was synonymous with his name and no beggar ever returned from his door empty handed. Even after his death, he continued to be obliging and was generous to his devotees who came to his holy tomb with prayers and behest which were invariably granted by God. Thus, one of his additional titles is also ``Babu 'l-Hawaij'' (the door to fulfilling needs). He was the son of Imam Ja`far as-Sadiq, the Sixth Imam. The name of his mother was Hamidah, the daughter of a noble man hailing from the States of Barbary.

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  12. Imam Raza (AS)

    Imam Reza (Ali ibn Musa) was the son of the seventh Imam and according to well-known accounts was born in 148/765 and died in 203/817. The eight Imam reached the imamate, after the death of his father, through Divine Command and the decree of his forefathers. The period of his imamate coincided with the caliphate of Harun and then his sons Amin and Ma'mun. After the death of his father, Ma'mun fell into conflict with his brother Amin which led to bloody wars and finally the assassination of Amin, after which Ma'mun became caliph. Until that day the policy of the Abbasid caliphate toward the Shi'ites had been increasingly harsh and cruel. Every once in a while one of the supporters of Ali (alawis) would revolt, causing blood wars and rebellions which were of great difficulty and consequence for the caliphate.

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  13. Imam Taqi (AS)

    IMAM MUHAMMAD al-Jawad (or at-Taqi) is the Ninth Apostolic Imam. His epithet was Abu Ja`far and his famous titles were al-Jawad and at-Taqi. Since Imam Muhammad al-Baqir, the Fifth Imam was called Abu Ja`far, historians have mentioned this Imam as Abu Ja`far the Second. Childhood

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  14. Imam Ali Naqi (AS)

    THE TENTH Holy Imam, like his father, was also elevated to the rank of Imam in his childhood. He was six years old when his father Imam Muhammad al-Jawad died. After the death of al-Ma'mun, al-mu`tasim succeeded him, and was later followed by the caliph al-Wathiq. In the first five years of the reign of al- Wathiq, Imam Ali al-Hadi (an-Naqi) lived peacefully. After al-Wathiq, al-Mutawakkil came to power. Being too occupied in State affairs, al-Mutawakkil did not get any time to harass the Imam and his followers for four years. But as soon as he freed himself from State affairs, he started to molest the Imam. The Holy Imam devoted himself to the sacred mission of preaching in Medina and did thus earn the faith of the people as well as their allegiance and recognition of his great knowledge and attributes. This reputation of the Imam evoked the jealousy and malice of al-Mutawakkil against him. The governor of Medina wrote to al-Mutawakkil that Imam

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  15. Imam Askari (AS)

    Imam Hasan al-`Askari spent twenty-two years of his life under the patronage of his father , Imam `Ali al-Hadi (an-Naqi) after whose martyrdom he became his divinely commissioned Imam. Imam Hasan ibn `Ali al-`Askari , the son of the Tenth Imam , was born in 232/845 and according to some Shi`ite sources was poisoned and killed in 260/872 through the instigation of the `Abbasid caliph al-Mu`tamid. The Eleventh Imam gained the Imamate , after the death of his noble father , through Divine Command and through the decree of the previous Imams.

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  16. Sayida Zainab (SA)

    Sayyeda Zainab (s.a.), the daughter of Imam Ali (a.s.) and Sayyeda Fatima (s.a.), was an exemplary woman of great ability, intelligence, knowledge, insight, courage and perseverance; she performed her divine duties to the best of her ability. She was born to a family formed by the Prophet (SAW), the most outstanding figure in history. The Prophet's wife Sayyeda Khadija (s.a.) a devoted woman, was her maternal grandmother, and her paternal grandmother was Fatima daughter of Assad, who mothered and nursed the Prophet (SAW). The members of the family, in trio hierarchical order, were all great.

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  17. Hazrat Abbas (AS)

    sacrifise hazrat abbas,hazrat fatima sonsHazrat Ali (a.s.) married Fatimah Bint-e-Huzaam Ibne Khalid (a.s.) in 24 Hijrah. Fatimah gave birth to Hazrat Abbas (a.s.) on the 4th Shabaan, 26th Hijrah. In 27th Hijrah Ja'far was born and in 29th Hijrah Uthmaan was born. Abdullah was born in 32nd Hijrah. Because she had four sons Fatima Binti Huzaam was known as Ummul Baneen (Mother of Sons).


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